Local Seo Booster

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  1. One off job (499$) or subscription based billing (350$ per month, billed quarterly)
  2. Full Local Search Audit with ARP (Average ranking position) and Solv (Share of local voice)
  3. Advanced schema Markup with HAS
  4. NAP Consistency Report
  5. On page Local SEO optimization (Developer assistance excluded)
  6. Geo fencing and territory expansion for Solv boosting ( For Subscription Plans only)
  7. NAP management (For Subscription Plans Only)
  8. Google My business page optimization
  9. DA70+ Local Citations in 20 Major Directories
  10. Review Management ( For Subscription Plans only)
  11. Daily GMB posting with branded images and content available as an add on here.


Grow with Local SEO

Small businesses are at a disadvantage when it comes to advertising. The average small business has an annual budget of just $200 for marketing and advertises on Google, Facebook, Twitter – regardless of the fact that most people use local search websites like Yelp or Citysearch to find services in their area. Why not establish your products right where you can be found? Local SEO is an important way to grow your business.

Features of Local SEO Booster

  1.  Full Local Search Audit with ARP (Average ranking position) and Solv (Share of local voice)
  2.  Advanced schema Markup with HAS
  3. NAP management
  4. Geo fencing and territory expansion for Solv boosting ( For Subscription Plans only)
  5. Google My business page optimization
  6. DA70+ Local Citations in 20 Major Directories
  7. Review Management ( For Subscription Plans only)

Benefits of Local SEO Booster

• Boost local search ranking on google maps
• Track and audit your SEO efforts
• Improve content quality to rank higher on google
• Get competitor data to make informed decisions

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is more important than ever to have a complete and comprehensive strategy for online marketing. The first step in achieving this goal is by focusing on local search optimization because with Google constantly changing the way they display results, succeeding at Local Search can be difficult. With our help, you will not only succeed but dominate your competition!

Our SEO team is passionate about local search. There’s nothing we love more than brainstorming creative strategies to build your online presence and drive results for you locally, regionally or globally! We live the day-to-day challenges that come with small business marketing – it’s our life blood. Our local experts have been doing this for decades so they know what needs to be done in order to take your company from a good idea into an industry leader…
We stay up on all of the latest changes in Local Search Marketing strategy & practice because anything less means that someone else will get ahead of us—and there are no shortcuts when building success today; just hard work mixed with smart thinking, creativity and innovation.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is more than just optimizing your website for visibility in local-intent searches. It’s about marketing to people who are looking specifically at their neighborhood or city, and the best way of doing that? Well it doesn’t hurt if you’re close by!

Imagine this: You’re in the market for a new widget, so you pull out your phone and search “widgets near me.”
A Google Maps interface pops up on your screen showing all of the places within 10 miles that sell widgets!

With just one click of your mouse pointer, voila – there is your favorite local business with an exact match to their needs in stock- right now.

Local SEO can be described as some type of magic; it’s all about providing Google (and others) information needed so people searching locally have access to products or services offered by our hometown businesses.

What is Schema In local search SEO

In local search SEO, a schema is the data that defines what information about your business should appear when someone searches for it.

The word “schema” usually refers to metadata–that which comprises and informs how things are viewed in relation to each other. In terms of online marketing, this can refer most commonly to web page schemas or meta tags on sites like Google Maps pages where an owner would list their contact info so people know who’s responsible if something happens with that location (say vandalism). However, there’s also some overlap between site-wide metatags applied by developers via programming code versus those listed directly within HTML content as part of webpage formatting: both will be used for indexing purposes but typically one way has higher priority

What is Share of  voice and how is it measures?

Share of voice is a digital marketing metric that brands use to measure how much market space they have and the amount of conversation in their industry. The higher your SOV, the more visibility you will receive from other companies who are vying for this same share or even just trying to steal it away!

What is Share of Local Voice?

Share of local voice is the percentage of data points where a business ranks in the top three positions of a given ranking cycle.Share of local voice is calculated differently than traditional SOV as the markets are often much smaller, making it more difficult to acquire metrics that would help determine share of local voice.

What are Local Citations in Local Search SEO?

Local citations are a great way to increase your local search visibility.If you’re looking for a reliable way to increase your exposure in the local search engine, then we’ve got just what you need! Our team will get all of your business listings up to date with 70+ directory websites that’ll help boost any web presence.

Yelp, Google Places, and Facebook are just a few listing sites. But there’s so many more! And it can be difficult to keep track of what listings you have where. That’s why we’re here: our team will get your business listed in all the local directories for an improved search result on these platforms as well as across the web through SEO optimization that is created from scratch based off of data compiled over years dealing with dozens upon various industries’ needs when optimizing their online presence by using proven techniques/strategies mixed with custom solutions only available at Viralify.

What is Google My Business Optimization?

There isn’t one simple tactic or trick for getting an excellent Google Maps ranking. The idea here is provide as much information in those fields where applicable so people can find exactly what they need from their mobile device while on the go – we’re talking accurate address entry, comprehensive hours info including holidays (so no more calling!), images displaying store layout with detail shots showcasing products available etc.

What is NAP in local search SEO?

NAP as a term stands for your business’s Name, Address and Phone number. You should outline these details at the start of any Local SEO campaign to avoid constant changes in NAP data when adding new directories or other forms of exposure (i.e., Yelp!) that may not be linked with one another on an engine-to-engine basis – this can prove disastrous if you are running Google AdWords campaigns!

NAP is key to understanding where your company resides; what it’s called; how people find out about their products/services online AND offline !!!

Why Choose Viralify for your Local SEO efforts?

Searching for the best local SEO services can be difficult, but we’re here to help. We have decades worth of knowledge that is constantly updated with new trends and industry-best practices. Our process starts by getting to know you: what your goals are as a company, who you want to attract into your space or work with long term, how often you’d like us come back around if necessary – it’s all about finding out which package will suit YOUR needs!

We’re never content to stay stagnant and grow at a glacial pace. We want you, your business, your brand – we even want ourselves as individuals-to be the best version of themselves possible. That’s why our team is constantly honing their skills with fresh insights on local SEO trends from industry experts in order to provide top notch service for you!








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