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Meet Dan

Your designated ECommerce Marketing services manager

Dan heads the ecommerce marketing team at Viralify. He along with 60 others are committed to transform your website into an online retail powerhouse .Don,t take the risk of sticking to the same website marketing and advertising strategy. Viralify,s E commerce marketing plan is bound to grow your online store using our detailed SEO reports, virtual assistants, eCommerce designers and more.

Grow Your Online Store Using Viralify,s E Commerce Marketing Services


Got your inventory ready, but ain’t sure how to start? Viralify’s eCommerce marketing services plan includes  Shopify and Amazon store set up. Focus on what you do best while we build your branded online store optimized for sales and conversions. Leverage the power of Search engine optimized product pages and images for top rankings on search engines.

Turbocharge your SEO with Rock Hard Backlinks​

Turbocharge your SEO with Rock Hard Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the soul of E-Commerce Marketing. Our powerful back link building strategies combining first tier links with a mix of web 2.0 Submissions,social bookmarking,social media sharing and article submissions on high Domain Authority websites will ensure your site stay always on the top and is consistently indexed on major search engines.

Rock your site with Engaging Content​

Rock your site with Engaging Content

Viralify,s entirely managed blogging services gets your more leads that eventually convert into qualifying sales. Our E-Commerce Marketing plan is bundled with 7 Pillar posts/ month, each 1800 words long. You can,t do with out content. We can,t market your site without it as well. Want us to share it on yoru Medium Page or Personal Blog? We do that for free!
Grow Your Online Store Using Viralify,s E Commerce Marketing Services

Audience targeting with geo research

We identify key target markets for your ecommerce business with extensive customer research and create detailed customer profiles. We analyze keywords, search volumes, competition levels to find the most profitable locations.


Viralify uses this information to optimize campaigns in these specific areas for maximum impact on conversions by targeting those customers who have shown interest or already purchased from you. Our geo-research service also examines keyword local rankings across multiple countries that share similar consumer tastes and purchasing habits so international expansion is easier too. This way your company will be able to reach out of country audiences more easily due to a better understanding of their culture & language preferences while at the same time finding new profit opportunities within them.”

Your designated ECommerce Marketing manager​

Leverage the power of Social Media with multilingual postings

Social Media is here and it,s not going away. Place and market your brand where your consumers are. Leverage your online store sales with fully managed  social media, curated multilingual content, eye catchy branded graphics and videos for three social channels including Facebook,Pinterest and Instagram. That,s all you will need, to keep your site ticking. 

Simple Transparent pricing

Trusted by leading brands

Don,t take the risk of sticking to the same website marketing and advertising strategy. Viralify,s Ecommerce marketing services are bound to grow your online store using our detailed SEO reports, virtual assistants, eCommerce designers and more.

Frequently asked questions

Branding analysis is a process in ecommerce marketing services that examines an organization’s brand identity to help it make changes and improvements. Your ecommerce marketing services manager examines everything from the logo, website, and marketing materials to the products themselves. It can be used for small businesses or large corporations alike! Viralify identifies key elements of your branding assets and makes them consistent across all your marketing channels and social networks.We may also propose changes in color schemes or typography to match your customer interests.

In order for Viralify to handle your amazon store, you will require to have a  Professional seller account set up integrating your payment details (see steps below) You will also require to provide us with UPC codes for your products and which can be obtained from GS1 website or your wholesaler or drop shipper. In the event that you wish to enroll for Amazon brand registry, Viralify will guide you with the exact process. Viralify will then request user access to the seller’s portal and begin setting up highly optimized branded landing page, product pages with SEO rich titles, descriptions,contents and images.

To create a professional seller account, the below details are required:

  • Your name (as per the income tax return)
  • Your full address
  • Your contact number
  • Your email address
  • Your business structure type (LLC partnership, sole proprietor, corporation)
    Registration state
  • Your FTI (Federal Tax Identification) number

For identity verification

  • Government-issued ID like driving license number
    Country of issue
  • A high-quality image of the front and back part of your ID
  • Your bank account statement

For fee:
You need to give your credit card details so that Amazon uses it to charge your monthly fee, which is $39.99.

For payment:
You need a U.S. bank account number.

Market segmentation analysis and the selection of specific audience segments to target is an essential part of Viralify’s ecommerce marketing services. We analyze products in detail, do Geo research and analogically curate the right product audience. These audience segments are specifically targeted in your marketing campaigns with the right message through the right media at the right time with the right product at the right price. For example, the product audience of a Facility Security Services company will look like this:

Key demographics
Age range: 45-60.
Gender: 80% male, 20% female.
Common job titles: Facility Manager, Head of Security.

Key psychographics
Doesn’t like drawn-out negotiations.
Likes to be prepared for everything; gets nervous when things are uncertain.
Prefers to get pitches from two or three companies before making a decision.

Needs to save costs, but isn’t willing to sacrifice quality of service.
Needs a third-party supplier with technology integrations.

Preferred channels
Email for marketing materials.
Blogs and news sites for industry trends.
Preferred content types

Data-rich infographics.
Email newsletters.

Your target audience may be spread all over the world. Viralify identifies target market locations that have more potential than others. We then formulate marketing strategies to create and establish a buyer’s presence in those regions.


Geo research is the process of gathering information about a specific geographic area. This includes demographics, what people buy locally, and the key points that make up local businesses. It can also be used to find out which stores are close to each other for purposes of business competition analysis or market segmentation. With these insights, it becomes easier for marketers to create personalized campaigns for specific markets.


For example, we would find out the most popular languages in China. We can then create a campaign that speaks to those people and their culture. Geo research is useful for eCommerce marketing because it helps marketers understand what buyers are looking for geographically. Whether they reside in New York or Shanghai, consumers want products tailored to their needs!

PPC is a powerful marketing tool in ecommerce marketing that has the potential to drive more traffic and leads than any other form of online advertising. The problem with PPC is that it can be tricky to use right. Viralify’s ecommerce marketing services covers everything from keyword research to optimization tools, so you can start driving more traffic and conversions today. Combine this with rich data and analytical reports that will empower you to make market first decisions and product enhancements.

Yes, Viralify’s certified PPC managers will set up your PPC account, do keyword research, write eye catchy and high converting headlines and descriptions, identify visually appealing images for high
conversion rates.

Viralify will set up optimized social media accounts across your chosen channels with catchy banners, descriptions and call to actions. Facebook shop integration comes as a standard for ecommerce marketing plan.

Viralify’s ecommerce marketing plans include five social media postings per week and per network at optimized timings dependent on your target audience. Viralify uses a mix of image and video posts in 60:40 ratio. Descriptions may contain curated content, quotes and links to your product pages, blog content or your website’s homepage.

The standard social platforms in Viralify’s ecommerce marketing services include facebook, instagram and pinterest. We have included these , given their popularity and their consistent performance over the years in  driving customer traction to eCommerce websites. On the other hand, should you wish to include channels of your own, you may do this by replacing any or all of the current channel network.

Viralify configures a set of Javascript codes in order to access deeper ecommerce analytics and shopping experience. Named gtag.js, these scripts will allow you to send impression data, product data, promotion data, and action data to Google Analytics.

Some examples of goals we can set for your ecommerce website include:

  • Conversions by traffic source
  • Revenue
  • Lead form subscriptions & email list subscriptions
  • Add to cart
  • Abandoned cart
  • Traffic from direct, organic, referral, social, and email sources
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Returning visitors
  • Engagement

A search engine audit is a way to find out how well your website is optimized for search engines. It’s important that you are being found by the right people when they are searching online, and with this audit you can identify what needs to be improved or fixed. A search engine audit will help determine where you are at with regards to the various factors that contribute to website rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo,

Onpage SEO optimization is the process of improving the rankings of a website by optimizing its content to match as many relevant keywords as possible.Our ecommerce marketing services team use a  combination of On page and offpage SEO tactics vital to product marketing and for bringing any website or blog to a higher rank in search engines by increasing organic traffic from search engines. 

In principle, each page on your website is optimized for a single keyword. Depending on the number of keywords included in your plan, Viralify will optimize your pages by :
1. Optimizing Page titles, descriptions, URL’s and content with your brand’s keywords
2. Optimizing Heading tags
3. Optimizing Internal and outbound Linking with relevant attributions
4. Compress Images for faster loading times
5. Optimize Canonical tagging
6. Identify duplicate content across pages and rewriting content
7. Update stale content every six months

Customer review management is not available as part of eCommerce marketing services and can be subscribed as an addon here.

Heatmap analysis is a technique that allows you to see where users are clicking, scrolling, and hovering on your website. This can be done by adding tracking codes to the site or using software such as hotjar.com. By understanding how people interact with your website, viralify proposes changes to your UI design to optimize for user experience and conversions and which will considerably improve your user experience and SEO rankings

One of our Online ecommerce marketing managers (ECMM) will reach you within one working day to review of your requirements. We will discuss further of your brand identity, and needs in specific. Once we have all the details, we will immediately get to branding analysis, followed by an action plan with periodic reporting.

Your designated eCommerce marketing manager will periodically upload on your dashboard detailed reports  covering sales, SEO impact, social media channel growth and  PPC performance with recommendations to improve brand outreach. 

Amazon and social media management services can be handled by Viralify for an additional charge of $100 per platform per month and includes PPC setup, tracking and analytics and performance reporting.

Brands adhering to Viralify’s eCommerce marketing recommendations are bound to see a considerable improvement in organic sales in four months or less. We have grown from servicing over 50 brands, with an average monthly increase of 15% per month – and now service over 500 international clients producing $250 million+

We write about what’s happening in your world. We are strictly focused on bringing your readers fresh and actionable content that is relevant to their needs. Our articles focus primarily on content that your target audience wants to read.

Backlink building is the practice of acquiring links from other websites to your own. The purpose for backlinks is twofold:

to bring traffic to your website, and  to improve its ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs).

In order to rank higher on SERPs, you need a high number of quality backlinks – these are what tell Google that this page deserves a top placement. And according to SEO experts, it’s not enough just to have one or two quality sources; if there isn’t an even distribution with no more than 30% coming from any single source then chances are some domains will be favored over others by Google algorithms. 

Google rankings are determined by the number of backlinks and the quality of those links. Domain age, keyword relevance, on-page optimization, and offsite factors also play a role in how high your site will rank for particular keywords. SEO experts say that while Google does not announce any algorithm changes publicly they do release periodic updates to their ranking system which can affect search engine rankings. It is important to stay up to date with these changes so you know what might be causing sudden drops or rises in your organic traffic levels.”

Viralify specializes in ecommerce content for all sorts of ecommerce businesses, including  PR.

We also have a staff that can help you market your physical store location as well!

Our team has experience with every aspect of ecommerce marketing, so no matter what type of business you own or work at we are confident in our ability to provide quality service to meet your needs. We work with influencers and journalists to get your ecommerce marketing content published on reputable sites like Forbes, Huffpost (Huffington Post) or Yahoo News.