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Meet Natalie

Your rock star Social Media Manager

Natalie is one of the social media managers at Viralify and  has a passion for connecting with current and future customers with the ultimate goal of turning fans into customers and customers into advocates.Strategically positioning your brand online can be tough. Natalie helps you identify the ‘WHO’, ‘WHAT’, ‘WHERE’, ‘WHEN’, and ‘WHY’, ultimately leading to ‘HOW’ you can achieve your business priorities.



Working with an existing or developed content strategy, our fast paced social media managers create relevant shareable content that results in greater engagement and overall brand awareness.

Moderation and Engagement

Viralify's social media marketing managers are pros at community management. We monitor published content and creatively engage with a brand’s audience.


We believe in numbers. Our analytics team reviews our social media marketing efforts (engagement, growth, conversation topics) and recommends actionable insights and brand implications.

Digital Listening

Larger than social listening, our full time social media experts monitor and develop reports for our clients that bring data and insights from across the web, i.e. forums, news sites, videos, blogs, publications

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Feature viral content

Virality is the core of a brand,s initial growth. We understand that content is king.Our expert social media graphic designs brainstorm unique content ideas and craft the best copy for your posts including web,social and advertisements. Learn how our social media managers do this for FacebookInstagram Twitter.

social media manager for startups

Multilingual Social Media Postings
Boost your Success

Internet use in non-English speaking countries is growing rapidly. That means that if you’re managing an international follower base on social media and you’re only doing it in English, you’re missing out on a huge piece of the pie.At Viralify, we are capable of handling multilingual postings  with Geo culture targeting to boost your international online presence, and “Yes”, we don’t reply on machine translators.

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Your Social Media Policies Redefined

Every brand needs a clear policy, which not only outlines the dos and don’ts for employees, but also frames guidelines on how to behave on social platforms. Viralify’s social media managers are well-schooled in FTC policies and the unwritten rules of social media.

We transform your vision into creative results.

Viralify,s social media manager plans are bound to help you succeed in the online world.We don,t like blabber just like you.And that,s why we came with the most cost effective pricing that we can afford to give.


No long term contracts,Zero set up fees,Zero retainers,Results guaranteed.

Collaborate effectively

Tag along on our app platform.Discuss reports, social media interactions, and popular posts, or just to chat about anything that matters. Forget lengthy emails and countless hours on the phone.We are here 24/7

Stay in control

Get a complete overview of our posts scheduled for your brand weeks before they go live.Don,t like something that you see?Post a message and it will be gone forever.

Brand Monitoring

We are in complete control of your brand and round the clock. view conversations, and discover what people are saying about your brand directly from the dashboard.And you will be amazed by the way we handle your followers.We are trained to see it from their perspective;we truly are.

Zero set up fees

Viralify does not charge a set up/onboarding fees for your brand account nor do we imply any retainers.

Cancel anytime

Over the past two years,Viralify has a 100% client retention rate and which we are proud of.By any reason,if you are unhappy with our services,simply hit the cancel button.


Our chat support is available 24/7 and 5 days a week.Queries and suggestions?All you need to do is ask.

Track mentions. Follow leads.

Our social media managers keep track of what people are saying about your brand and reply to them instantly.Get a unified view of all messages within your Brand Inbox. Turn messages into conversations, filter them by social network and close-loop all important discussions.

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Frequently asked questions

Viralify has a proprietary algorithm that regularly monitors the use of our client brands trademarks and copyrights.  Your social media manager will monitor your brand account channels as well as third-party social media platforms to ensure that those providing content through the media outlets are not misusing your intellectual property including checking social media sites for profile or user names that are identical or substantially similar to your company’s name or brands

Unhappy customers or industry competitors may post disparaging or offensive pictures, posts or videos and negative or other non-constructive feedback cannot be ignored. Viralify immediately responds and neutralizes harmful posts before it generates user attention.

When it comes to social media marketing, the only choice the brand has is to create noise, loud noise, especially when you are targeting volatile markets. Any Social media marketing strategy just has to break the clutter, ensure the audience sits up and interacts with the brand. The reason is because social media space is busy, chaotic and always distracted. Social Media Marketing strategy needs to be exactly the opposite – calm, strategic and organized.

We work toward creating a holistic strategy for specific brands. Starting with engagement strategy to interactive content to creating influence, we take social media marketing as a science that needs an artist to execute it. Because when you merge technology with creativity with social behavior, social media marketing happens.

Social media marketing works in various manners – it all depends upon your social media/digital strategy. A social media marketing company studies the nature of business, requirements, TG, objectives and budget to create a compelling social media strategy. Based on business model and marketing objectives, content strategy is created. A brand could do well with a viral marketing campaign, applications to engage consumers, Facebook strategy or go the micro blogging way with Twitter. In truest essence, Social media marketing is boundless and boundaryless. Creativity is not restricted and still there is immense room for creating breakthrough campaigns.

Yes, a fully optimized business page with custom graphics, headers and content is included in all social media plans.

Viralify social media managers are certified advanced level experts in  social media advertisements. We help optimize your ad budgets and develop performance oriented ad strategies ensuring high ROI on your ad budgets.

Depending on your plan, Viralify’s social media managers can develop custom branded content including graphics, videos and well researched articles. We are experts in developing short loop videos that have greater chances of virality.

Our social media managers mine twitter and google trends on a daily basis to identify trending topics and hashtags.Twitter Streaming API is used to collect data from the Twitter accounts using API keys and the formatted tweets are stored in a non SQL database.  The processed data is subjected to trend prediction algorithms like DB Scan for highly predictive results.

Whether you are running a small, local operation, or heading a global, enterprise-level effort, the statistics above make it clear: Your customers are online. They are interacting in social channels with their friends, colleagues, and other brands in search of information, recommendations, and entertainment. If your company is not around to answer, a competitor will be. In doing so, your competitor will quite likely take away the customer at hand, along with anyone else listening. There are tons of opportunities to add value— even to delight!—and making that connection can help build a person’s relationship with a company, brand, or representative.

Those relationships create the foundation for what can eventually become one of your greatest marketing assets: customer advocacy.

Your social media manager incorporates social listening into product development work and which act as an early warning system, saving on customer service costs, providing valuable development feedback, and even helping identify ideal beta testers without much expense. This information often rise in the form of opinions, so we listen for the right cues from your audience, making your social media pages an invaluable source of insights and feedback.

Viralify can curate a list of community members who would be most helpful—power users from across the social web, enthusiast bloggers, and so on—into a group connected by email, a Facebook group, or other social mechanism. We can also create special restricted areas of
your forum-based communities where these power users can converse, engage, and network while participating in conversations you generate. This special access can serve as a reward for those community members, and it can lead to incredibly useful insights for you and your brand.

Your audience, or the social platform you are engaging on, may slightly change your tone and voice from your brand guidelines. This is where it’s important to have a really solid understanding so you can adapt as necessary. We integrate your campaigns across all of your social profiles and which can help solidify your brand and amplify your efforts. Using similar visual elements across all of your profiles will help ingrain your messaging and drive home the point in ways that are relevant and customized to the platform.

Solid data is what makes our business case compelling; without it, you had be basing decisions and pitches on assumptions and instinct. Viralify’s detailed insights strike a perfect balance between quantitative and qualitative social data and stem from smaller sample sizes than you’d normally need for a true scientific study.

Our social media managers will take a look at the timing of your community’s activity as well as your own and we will ensure a perfect harmoney between the two. Your social media accounts are managed round the clock and not just during business hours.

Sentiment analysis is an integral part of Viralify’s quantitative data reporting and we measure the tone and tenor of a conversation around a stated topic or item. Your social media manager uses this to tell if people love, can’t stand, or are neutral about your brand or campaigns.

Social media is an open and public space, so you can’t control everything people say. Instances in which it is appropriate to remove user content would include: advertorial content, harassment and abuse, derogatory or offensive language, threatening posts, and posts that contain sensitive information (credit card numbers, addresses, etc.). Viralify’s social media managers  identify and proactively address the comments instead of removing them including: customer complaints, negative commentary, and critical statements. You may not like what people always have to say, but in social, we prefer to listen.

There is no doubt that Facebook and Twitter are the current major players in the social media space. If you have a global presence, however, there are some other highly relevant places to invest your time—especially if you’re operating in parts of the world where Twitter and/or Facebook may be censored. These include Qzone, Renren, Badoo, Kontacte, Daum, Cloom and similar. If you need help in setting up social media channels on these platforms, discuss with your social media manager to see if it’s a right fit for your brand.

Viralify’s social media manager will help identify your own goals and will help you decide which type of social media channel makes the most sense for your efforts. By clarifying the desired behavior of your community members, we can define how we go about engaging with them. For example, are you trying to increase brand awareness? If so, we can consider marketing activities that include the collection and sharing of customer testimonials, highly-shareable content, and buzz-worthy interactions. Are you shooting for increased traffic and conversions? We can help identify opportunities to engage with relevant, interested customers who are ready to pull the “buy” trigger. The point is to match your engagement efforts with the outcomes you want to see.

That said, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that nearly everyone should have a Facebook page. With over 1.19 billion active monthly users, it’s quite likely you will find a healthy number of your customers here. You may find the same thing in Twitter

Not all social media sites and platforms are created equal, and each social channel won’t always work the same way in helping users reach their goals. In looking across the online environment, it helps to organize your social options into categories. Our social media managers can help identify channels with common themes. We then can develop strategies that are easier to frame your decisions about when, where, who, and how best to engage with your community online.

The easiest way to break up the categories is to think of them as owned, rented, and occupied.

Owned properties may include blogs, forums, or homegrown social networks, and they can be internal or external. The main difference with this category is that you literally own the channel rather than occupying a page on a platform that is owned by someone else. It may be on your primary site or on another domain, but it is fully under your control.


Rented properties are much like renting an apartment. The user occupies a portion of a channel with the permission of the owner. Sometimes there is a cost involved, but in the world of social media, that doesn’t happen often. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr fall into this category. Facebook owns its site, and you’re simply managing a presence on it. You may have official claim to the page, but you have no claim to the platform itself or a say in how it may change.


Occupied properties is the most removed from your control. Your company might have an official representative who interacts and engages in an occupied property, but there is no ownership of any kind, and these channels can be changed at any time. Reddit is probably the most popular example. Employees of a company will frequently participate in forums or community sites in either an official or unofficial capacity, but always on behalf of the company.

Need a custom offer?

Custom packages can be customized to your needs and requirements. Our social media managers will help you select which features to include in the package based on your budget and business goals.The custom social media packages can include any of the features of Hustle,scale and grow packages as well as paid social media advertising.