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Ever imagined how others see your organization when they look for yours online? This is what Steve does. He prowls in digital networks, monitoring and tracking what is being said about you online. He analyzes how the visible information affects your brand and reputation. He and his team the starts to influence these results by participating in conversations and eliminating negative voices.

Our online reputation management services ensure that the world sees your brand , organization or even yourself for what it truly is.

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Online reputation management services

Stay in control with social listening

We investigate online reputation on a large scale and respond in faith to explicit and implicit experiences, which are the drivers of reputation. We systematically record and analyze using social listening, delivering valuable insights in how stakeholders perceive the performance of your brand in different dimensions.

Online reputation management services

Turn Negative reviews favorable

Can negative reviews harm your online reputation? Yes and No. The user might be using the product in the wrong way, maybe your product is faulty or they might be even spamming. Our online reputation managers engage with customers to find out the problem and prevent the recurrence. If those are spam reviews, we identify them promptly and ask the portal to remove it.

Online reputation management services

PR influencing

If you’re using or looking for PR support, regardless of your objectives, which could be to drive traffic to your website, help increase sales or increase visibility of your brand, our public relations service can engage and influence people to achieve your aims.

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Social profile updation

We manage with consistency, your biography across social profile channels, online directories, blog articles, websites , Wikipedia and more. We even write creative bio profiles that are convincing and improve loyalty.

Reputation Management Service by the Reputed in industry

Sentiment Scraping For Reputation Management

Web scraping

Get notified of negative sentiments immediately when they are published

Reputation Management Service

Powerful sentiment analysis

We employ poweful sentiment analysis tools to identify the polarity of reviews and discussions

Negative Review Addressal

Negative review addressal

We investigate issues and negotiate with customers to minimize the impact of negative reviews on your profile

Reputation Management Service

False News Reporting

We report false news across social channels , google and web sources minimizing or eliminating damage

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Brand asset management

We protect your brand assets across the web and social channels to identify potential copyright violations and report them as per channel policies.

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Newsletter management

Reach out to your audience in confidence with well written branded emails.

Small Business Marketing

Malicious Link Removal

Remove brand links from low quality and spam content websites

Reputation Management Service

Hurt sentiment monitoring

Have your say without hurting the sentiments on scale.We identify and delete social posts gaining negative traction in real time


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Frequently asked questions

Online reputation management (ORM) combines marketing, public relations and search engines. ORM enables organization to protect and manage its online reputation by becoming actively involved in the outcome of search engines results. The goals of ORM are high rankings in the search engines and appearance on all positive associated websites. Thanks to that, organization can gain visibility and good publicity.

When you find negative content, you decrease its visibility by creating enough positive content so that the negative content appears to go away. Or sometimes you can get the relevant webmaster to remove offensive content. But the best way to eliminate negative content is to make sure it never appears in the first place.Effective online reputation management means getting involved with social networks, monitoring those networks closely (rather than just depending on automated monitoring systems like Google Alerts), and responding as quickly as possible in the event of great breaking news or a crisis.

Nearly 80% of people report that the internet is the first place they look when they need information, and over 50% are using search engines to research.1 While you would like potential customers to interact with marketing channels you control like your website or social media accounts, search engines allow them to access a variety of other information that you don’t control including reviews, social media posts, consumer photos and more.

Our online reputation management service lets you monitor consumers perceptions. After all, many social media and review sites are close to 20 years old. However, more consumers are now making booking decisions based on these independent information sources.

Actively managing your online reputation helps you shift customers’ perceptions of your business, influence their booking decisions in your favor and, ultimately, put more money in your pocket

Online reputation management campaigns typically last for years for  brands and personalities. Startups and small businesses may hire us for short term projects lasting a minimum of 6 months.

Viralify’s online reputation management plans are billed quarlerly (every three months). The reason why we do this is because review management takes a considerable amount of time and negating negative reviews depends on a lot of factors including willingness of the consumer to negotiate, the customer’s availability to answer phone calls or emails and many more. Typically, customers who leave negative reviews take a minimum of  eight weeks to reciprocate positively to any amendment actions put forth by your business. 

Online reputation consists of what people believe about organization, which is why external stakeholders’ endorsements make up the cornerstone of a good ORM strategy. Viralify focuses on the key factors that affect online reputation of every digital profile including claiming and optimizing their internet presence, on social media profiles, and ensuring all its contact information is up to date. 


We determine places of review and then monitor and track trends. We further ensure that our digital profiles have an attractive presence on each of the top social media sites by including only the information that is most relevant to its customers or followers. We collect feedback from customers. and tracks tracks new data with competitor bench marking and scoring

Your identity is more than just your personality or your vital statistics. It’s a valuable commodity. It can be bought and sold, damaged, tarnished, or even hijacked. It’s good advice to post nothing online that you don’t want your grandma to read, but make one little mistake and all the privacy settings in the world won’t do you any good. That’s why people all over the world are talking about online reputation management

One of our Online reputation managers (ORM) will reach you within one working day and  with a review of your current digital health. We will discuss further of your brand identity, and needs in specific. Once we have all the details, we will immediately get to sentiment scraping and analysis, followed by an action plan with periodic reporting.

Yes, and No. Fake reviews on google my business, yelp and similar can be challenged. Negative reviews by unsatisfied customers are addressed with a customer first approach and may contribute to negative review deletion over course of time.

Online reputation management is not about reading and responding to everything that’s posted about your business on the internet or trying to find a way to downplay negative comments. It’s about making sure all of the information available on your business properly sets your customers’ expectations. Your website, photos and marketing communications should complement user-submitted reviews and photos on review sites . Your contact details, hours of operation and address should be correct anywhere travelers find them, to ensure that potential customers aren’t inconvenienced or sent to the wrong place.

Online reputation management agencies address content that clients consider false, intrusive orembarrassing. By creating content, profile and social websites, forums, blogs, press releases and othertargeted websites, Reputation Advocate influences what those searching for information find online.The end result is that transparent, honest information approved by our clients displays the informationthat best represents them.

Reputations are damaged for a number of reasons. For businesses, it is not uncommon for competitors to make false profiles online and attack your company to try and improve their own sales.Customers are eager to express negative thoughts following a mediocre experience with your brand, but are less likely to share their positive experiences. In some cases, blatantly hostile remarks may be made on blogs or in news articles simply because the author is biased or feels it will improve their readership.


For individuals, the answer is a little bit different. Negative reputations online can come as a result of party photos, legal claims that are public such as bankruptcies, divorces or arrests, or may even come about because somebody with your same name has a negative personal record and now it is reflecting poorly on you. The possible situations are endless, but you can stop the effects of such content in their tracks.Reputation Advocate delivers the solutions.

From the time you meet with us, we will help you to understand what reclaiming your online identity needs. Our clients participate in the creation of content that will be seen by everyone online while safeguarding personal information and privacy. Every client is assigned an account manager who acts as a day-to-day single point-of-contact for your project. Building your online identity  is done over time, so that end results are organic and long-lasting.

In many instances, web pages that serve as directories derive as much information about a person as possible from public databases. This information is then collated in one area and made more easily available. You would prefer to have such information kept private and not lumped into a single harmful site. 


While it is next to impossible to have these sites remove public record information about you, it is possible to push pages containing your information further down in the search results so the information becomes less visible. 

Yes, we can. Wikipedia page creation and management is an addon module. The success of your Wikipedia page will entirely depend on the current number of media references and citations you have on the web.

In most cases, we cannot. The only person who can delete a page, review or any other article is the manager of the website itself. Usually, they will not do this, unless they are legally-bound to do so. This is especially true when a negative review is pushing the traffic to their website. We all know how bad news attracts people. Instead, what we can do is suppress negative comments about you deep down in the search engine results, making them difficult to find and rarely seen.

ORM does not entail hourly searches on your favorite search engine to see what is appearing on the search engine results page (SERPs), although being aware of your search space is vital as well. Viralify uses a number of search engines that allow users to narrow a search to particular media or industries, and using RSS7 (really simple syndication) means that these results can be updated regularly and kept conveniently in one place.

Even in the democratized world of the Internet, not all mentions are equal. They vary in terms of positivity or negativity and influence. Not all mentions require action from a company, but some require drastic measures to be taken. But all, no matter how quiet or how loud, are an indication of consumer sentiment.

Whether a post is positive, negative, or indifferent can be quickly assessed by reading it. Influence can be a little harder to establish.Indicators such as traffic, links, and subscriber numbers can all assist in assessing the influence of a blog.However, statements, particularly inflammatory ones, should still be monitored, as traffic can increase substantially and quickly online.

Influence can also assist in establishing the credibility of the author. Factors that can indicate credibility include the size of the blog’s audience, the frequency of,posts, and the age of the blog.From this, metrics such as credibility, sentiment, and,media distribution can be extrapolated. Furthermore, metrics such as reputation scores and volume of conversation provide insight into the health of a brand and the success of marketing and communication campaigns.

At Viralify, we believe that Negative statements should be seen as an opportunity for growth in Online reputation management. Negative statements can be complaints or criticisms, and both should be dealt with. Complaints are from stakeholders who have had dealings with a company. By complaining, a customer is giving the company the opportunity to make things right and is probably indicating where the company can improve. Usually, the skilled customer service department of a company should deal with complaints. If a complaint is online, the resolution should be there as well, although you can try to have it taken offline first.

Even though the customer service will likely take place either over e-mail or by phone, posting a comment in a blog post, for example, will show the community that the company both listens and responds. Criticism need not necessarily come from customers, but it is important to be aware of it. If a criticism includes false information, it should be corrected. And if the criticism is true, then it should be dealt with as such.

We don’t see Online reputation management (ORM) simply as a tool in the measurement and engagement arsenal. It simply provides us with a great deal more insight that can be applied to many other elements of your business to maximize results. Within the marketing realm, Online reputation management provides key insights into how particular tactics are performing and how it impacts the overall marketing strategy.

By measuring how your stakeholders respond to particular activities (be it marketing, communications, or branding) , we make it oossible to learn through each campaign and mold  tactics based on empirical data to maximize returns.

Online reputation management campaigns provide a great way for both offline and online campaigns to constantly improve and stay relevant to stakeholders’ needs. These same outputs can also be shared with other departments, such as human resources (HR), to provide additional ways to impact the internal workings of your company.

Say in human resources, a measure might be of how staff view the company itself. Similarly, these insights can be applied to the overall business strategy to assist both with data collection and providing early insights on competitor and environmental changes that may drive strategic decision making. For us, the Internet is the largest focus group, and if it’s looked at from a market research perspective, there is a huge opportunity to apply “wisdom of the crowd” and evolve business to be more aligned with your stakeholders’ needs.

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