How to find the perfect facebook ad agency that delivers results?

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Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn is a seasoned marketer, accomplished author of three books, and Forbes contributor. He has over 25 years in marketing experience, including CMO at Viralify. Mark is known for his ability to identify new trends and strategies that go against the grain of traditional thinking. His best-selling book "The Social Media Bible" was named one of Business Insider’s Top 10 Marketing Books You Should Read in 2016.

Finding a good facebook ad agency is not as hard as you think, but it is kind of difficult to know where to start.  First of all, if you are looking for an internet marketing company that specializes in Facebook ads, then I’m going to tell you the best places to find them. But instead of me just telling you this information and leaving it at that, I’m also going to give you tips on how to evaluate these companies and weed out the bad ones.

Running facebook advertisements is becoming increasingly popular. Since its launch in 2004, there have been several studies that analyzed the Facebook user base and analysed its demographics. Some studies include a  2013 Gallup poll  demonstrating that 42% of young adults get their news from Facebook; a study by Pew Research Center showing that 63% of adults use Facebook for public matters such as politics or community issues; another Pew research study which showed how Facebook users are more likely than non-users to feel optimistic about their future after presidential elections; and an eMarketer report revealing that the number of people using Facebook will reach 2 billion by 2022 .

If you’re doing your job right, attracting page views on your Facebook page is a must because it opens the door to so many potential opportunities, such as brand awareness, notoriety, exposure and website traffic.With more than 2.6 billion users worldwide – or nearly 28.5% of the total global population – the platform has seen unprecedented success. Its growth shows no sign of slowing down as it still has many countries left to penetrate. Facebook advertising is a very beneficial form of advertisement for small businesses. Facebook offers free and targeted ads to business pages depending on their profile data. It is important to hire a good facebook ad agency who will maximize your profits through advertisements. [PICT

I will now list five good sources for finding a facebook ad agency:

Facebook Partner Directory

The Facebook Partner Directory is a marketplace of third-party companies that have applied for recognition in a particular expertise and been badged as Facebook Business Partners for that expertise.Currently available for the following categories: Advertising & Media, Social Good, Analytics, Branding & Identity Design, Community Management & Connectivity Services, Developer Tools & Integration Technology (Facebook Platform), Mobile Development (Facebook Platform) and Marketing, it’s a great resource to find accredited partners trusted by facebook.

Hubspot Partner Directory

Hubspot solutions directory is yet another great list of internet marketing partners. This directory is divided in several sub-categories such as: – Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Social Media – Link Building – Web Analytics & SEO.

From there, you can find plenty of digital agencies. It’s a great resource for those who are looking to attract traffic and generate leads for their business. HubSpot has a ton of other resources to learn about all online marketing strategies . You can also sign up for a free trial in order to see what it’s all about.

The Official Google Partner Directory

The Official Google Partner page is yet another trustworthy source to find reputable agencies or freelancers. Type your location in the search bar and have fun discovering new businesses around you! There are so many amazing companies!


Clutch is yet another useful resource to find facebook ad partners that deliver results. The best part about this site is that each company has a publicly displayed rating on the right side of their profile, so you can quickly see what other people think about them. There is also more detailed information (such as specific services offered) and client testimonials under “profile details” which you can access by clicking on “More Info”.

Google Search

Search Google using the search term “facebook ad agency”. This will bring up a list of agencies sorted by rank. Some of them might be local while others are regional or national. You can use this to your advantage when looking for the right company for you. Google is a great resource for researching anything! Just type “facebook ads” along with whatever city or state you’re located in into the Google search bar. This will return many companies in your area that specialize in Facebook ads and related services.

You might not think it’s necessary to thoroughly check these companies out before choosing one but I assure you that it is absolutely vital if you want quality work at an affordable price. These tips will help make research much easier:

  1. Always get a written estimate instead of relying on someone’s word. While you might trust your friend or relative who has used a facebook ad agency in the past, there is always a chance that they could be trying to pull one over on you by getting a better deal for themselves.
  2. Make sure they’re an actual facebook ad agency and not just some chap looking to make extra money selling ads. An easy way to check if someone is legitimate would be to ask them for references – contact these people to see what kind of results the company gets. If they can’t give you one or two good testimonials then chances are they aren’t worth your time and effort.
  3. Check BBB ratings. A simple google search would give you the rating of any company as per its record with Better Business Bureau (BBB). This lets you know about their credibility and transparency level. It also gives details of past complaints filed by customers against the company with date & what steps were taken to resolve them. Many trusted organizations have an excellent track record on BBB site, so it ‘s a great insight into their credibility.
  4. When you hire facebook ad agency, ask for case studies of past projects they’ve done or testimonials from other clients about their work. You can also find more business testimonials online with just a quick search. This will give you idea of how well the company has performed in past on various projects and what customer’s are saying about them.
  5. Don’t forget to check references! Yes, many companies would provide references but those should be checked as well to get a complete picture of whether the facebook advertising agency is doing good job or not? The best way to check references is by getting in touch with some people who have used their services in and finding out if they happy with the results and service they got?
  6. Be wary of companies that claim to be experts in all fields. There are very few people who can boast of expertise in every section of digital marketing, so if a company claims to provide everything under one roof (SEO, PPC, SMO, email marketing etc.), it’s best not to believe them unless they’re offering a bill-less service!
  7. Always go for tried & trusted facebook ad agency having good return on investment ratio. A reliable company should offer you detailed reports about campaign progress and ROI achieved on each campaign run by them. This will help you measure your online advertising efforts and decide on future course of action. If you follow these tips when looking for a facebook ad agency then chances are you will have success in finding one that provides quality work at an affordable price!
  8. Look for social proof. Considering that 93% of customers go through testimonials and customer reviews before purchasing something, it can be beneficial for both the facebook advertising agency and their clients. Moreover, displaying social proof is an effective tactic to convert visitors into buyers so if you don’t find any testimonials on a website then either the company may not have previous clients or they aren’t experts in what they claim to do.
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One last thing: do not automatically assume that because a company has been around for a long time that it is good. Smart businesses know that they need to keep up with the times and spend money on improving their services. Just because a company has been around for five years doesn’t mean they are awesome at advertising on Facebook – in fact, it could show exactly the opposite.

Now that you have a list of the best facebook ad agency’s in your region, what next? Scrub the list of Facebook advertising partners from your head and into your browser. Click on each of them individually in order to understand what they do for businesses who want to advertise on Facebook. They’re broken down by service area so it’s easy to find a company that you think can best meet your needs. Some facebook ad agency ‘s are better than others at certain services; this will help you choose the best fit for your business.

If possible, reach out to companies where people connect emotionally. This is the most important lesson I learned working with B2C brands over the last decade, and what has driven my approach in building a brilliant team at Advocamp.“Facebook offers so many targeting options for businesses; knowing when and why you should reach out to specific customer segments can be difficult. Having this knowledge definitely helps – don’t always look at everything as purely numbers-based but rather consider how reaching groups directly communicate the message you need to convey.

…be sure that whatever facebook ad agency you choose has an extensive understanding of how the targeting works on the Facebook platform.If you’re looking to advertise your business on Facebook, it pays to do your homework first and find a facebook ad agency that understands how the Facebook advertising system works.The best facebook ad agencies are good storytelling agencies. The best facebook ad agencies know how to not just market their clients, but tell stories that make them stand out and resonate with consumers on a deeper level.

The best advice is to look for an agency or companies who are in it for the long haul.