How to grow your youtube channel and get found?

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Sheryl Maywood

Sheryl is a marketing whiz and an analytics expert. She's currently studying for her PhD in computational linguistics. She spends most of her time crunching numbers and developing new analytical models to help clients find the best way to market their products. Sheryl also has a knack for creating witty copy that gets people to buy things they never knew they needed!

While YouTube is widely popular as a form of entertainment, don’t make the mistake of overlooking its significant benefits. It is more than just posting music videos, memorable moments and embarrassing events, as it is originally made popular.

More and more businesses and professionals have recognized YouTube as a powerful platform to launch themselves into stardom.While your business may not gain the same global popularity and overnight success of Justin Beiber, your business will be able to generate a good amount of interest. How? You can use videos to show off your expertise and share knowledge as well as market your products and connect with prospects, customers and colleagues.

What is YouTube?

YouTube is a web-based service that allows its users to post video files and share it with the rest of the world. Founded by the authors behind equally successful Paypal, the very first public version was released in November 2005. Since then, its popularity steadily grew and by the first quarter of 2006, it hosted 65,000 video files. By 2007, YouTube was recognized as the website with the highest amount of traffic that any other site on the web. In October of 2006, it was acquired by Google in the tune of $1.6 billion. This is considered a very viable
deal since YouTube’s advertising returns is reported to rake in$ 200 million every year. At this time, YouTube is enjoying millions of visits from all other the world daily.

Why Use It?

YouTube offers a cost-effective marketing platform for businesses. It is to date the cheapest form of advertising channel. Companies from various industries are using web videos as part of their marketing content to reach out to current as well as potential customers. It is now used as a way to build relationships with client base and reap its lucrative benefits as an indirect marketing strategy.

You can use YouTube with the three main goals:
Inform | Educate | Entertain

Here are some ideas on how you can gain better leverage using YouTube:

Thought Leadership and Expertise

  1. Upload video recordings of corporate presentations to demonstrate industry authority and enhance credibility.
  2. Share slideshows for marketing and advertising purposes
  3. Conduct interviews with your own experts
  4. Convert podcasts into videos
  5. Engage with the online community of YouTube by uploading recorded video responses on specific topics relevant to your business or industry
  6. Record corporate meetings to share to stakeholders
  7. Provide presentation on upcoming products and features

Marketing and Advertising

  1. Put together a video that best showcase and explains your product or service
  2. Promote your brand using previous events
  3. Introduce some of the people working behind your brand to enhance authenticity
  4. Promote your products and services
  5. Post links of your videos to other social media platforms
  6. Run a contest
  7. Add call-to-action overlays to drive traffic to your corporate website
  8. Display company information including name, website URL, email address and phone number

Customer Service

Create how-to videos to educate costumers on the use of your products and services

  1. Answers frequently asked questions using videos
  2. Post solutions to common service or product problems
  3. Embed video files to your site and blog

How to Maximize YouTube for Your Business:

1. Good content.
To ensure effectiveness and impact, you want to convey important and accurate information in the most engaging manner so other people will also want to share it to their network

2. Plan ahead. Make sure you have a clear idea and vision of what you want to achieve in making the video and what you want to derive from it.

3. Avoid blatant marketing. Resist the urge to simply put up your commercial and leave it to do its magic. Keep in mind that people don’t visit YouTube to watch commercials, so you need to use a more subtle approach and soft sell by providing information in an entertaining and engaging way.

4. Ensure high quality production. Your videos reflect your company so make sure it’s of good quality.

5. Keep it short. Audiences on YouTube generally have short attention span, so make sure to keep it no less that 2 to 3 minutes. If you have larger topics, cut it into segments.

Optimizing Your YouTube Videos

  1. Display links of your video in all your social media platforms include your main site, and blog, Facebook and Google+ page, tweet it and include them in your LinkedIn profiles.
  2. Focus on SEO by optimizing text descriptions with keywords and backlinks to your corporate website.
  3. Consider buying ads on YouTube if you have the budget. You can purchase specific videos so your video will be among the first results when users will perform a search  using that keyword.

A lot of celebrities and companies have successfully generated global interest and fame by using YouTube as their launching pad. Gain strategic edge over your competition in a more creative and engaging way.