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Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn is a seasoned marketer, accomplished author of three books, and Forbes contributor. He has over 25 years in marketing experience, including CMO at Viralify. Mark is known for his ability to identify new trends and strategies that go against the grain of traditional thinking. His best-selling book "The Social Media Bible" was named one of Business Insider’s Top 10 Marketing Books You Should Read in 2016.

When it comes to marketing your business so that it stands out above other businesses (which you want because your business should be top of mind for other people when they happen to need what you are offering), there are some things that you will want to include in your marketing strategy, For example, slogans and taglines.

Slogan versus tagline

The first thing that you should understand is that a slogan and a tagline are not interchangeable. They are not one and the same. So, you might be wondering at this point exactly what the differences are and which one you should be using for your particular business. Interestingly, it is very easy to confuse the two. In fact, even people who have worked in the marketing field for a long time can get them mixed up sometimes.

Let’s look at the differences
One of the basic (and fundamental) differences between slogans and taglines is that slogans are very adaptable. The can change based on their environment. Taglines, on the other hand, are pretty much set in stone. Whatever they started out to be is what they will be until the end of time.

Some people feel that taglines are short marketing content that helps you to sell your products and/or services. On the other hand, slogans are a reflection of your brand, your offerings, and the values that have driven you to run your business in a certain manner. The truth is that you will not be likely to change the values that have been a part of your business from its inception. Therefore, your slogan will remain intact as long as your business exists. Many business owners use taglines to effectively communicate with the people are likely to buy their products and/or services.

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Using slogans and taglines appropriately and effectively
In the beginning of your business, your tagline and your slogan may be very close to each other. However, as time goes on, they will grow further apart and their purposes and meanings will become abundantly clear. Let’s break it down so that you not only know exactly what each one is for but also how you should write effective slogans and taglines.

    • Tagline: As you sit down to write your tagline, you will want to break it down quite a bit. First of all, think about your brand and what it stands for. Think about your unique story and try to clearly communicate that through your tagline. If possible, communicate how you got to where you are now in your business through your tagline. Your tagline should be a vow of what you can do for the other person. That concept is much more important that anything else. The truth is that if you can’t solve the other person’s problem, you will not get anywhere and you will not have the opportunity to build a relationship with the other person properly. After all, you not only want to build a relationship with the other person but you want to build a relationship that is long-lasting and mutually beneficial.
    • Slogan: As you sit down to write your slogan, you will see that you are allowed much more creative license. You can use several different slogans to fit several different circumstances. You will know once you are at that point which slogans are appropriate for the particular situation that you are experiencing. It is comforting to know that you are able to be flexible and come up with the perfect slogan for your business at that particular point in time. You will want your slogan to be catchy, clever, memorable, and short. You want it to stick in the other person’s mind permanently.

  • What slogans and taglines have in common: When it comes to slogans and taglines, you will want to make sure that the language that you choose to use is casual and that it resonates with your target audience members. Sometimes, it may be challenging to come up with written content that is as casual as you wish to convey. However, if you practice writing those particular forms of content, you will get it right before too long. After you have written either your slogan or your tagline, you can assess it and if you feel that it is too casual, you can work on the content to bring up the formality level a little bit.

Slogans and taglines both serve a very important purpose for your business. Taglines are memorable and slogans communicate exactly what your business is trying to accomplish as an entity. You use both slogans and taglines to accomplish something very specific and both are necessary to help your business succeed. If you do it correctly, your tagline and your slogan will work in tandem and, together, they can accomplish much more than they can by themselves.