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Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn is a seasoned marketer, accomplished author of three books, and Forbes contributor. He has over 25 years in marketing experience, including CMO at Viralify. Mark is known for his ability to identify new trends and strategies that go against the grain of traditional thinking. His best-selling book "The Social Media Bible" was named one of Business Insider’s Top 10 Marketing Books You Should Read in 2016.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step. This is one of the most popular maxims of our time, though its origin may be traced to the ancient days. The fact that this expression has survived the test of time speaks very eloquently on the fact that the message it conveys has proved meaningful and helpful to humanity over time. This expression is also universally valid as its efficacy is not limited to any part of the world.

There is a beginning to every journey, irrespective of the distance.

Though it is commonly said that everything that has a beginning must have an end, anything that has an end must also have a beginning. Just as there cannot be a beginning without an end, there also cannot be an end without a beginning because one necessarily implies and entails the other. As a law, rule, and guide to life, every success must have a starting point.

The beginning comes before the end.

There is a beginning to every journey, irrespective of the distance. The beginning of every journey antedates the end. There must be a beginning before there can be an end. By this token, there cannot be an end without a beginning. This is why you cannot complete or accomplish what you did not start. Every success is the completion of something that was commenced at a time in the past.

Success is progressive.

It starts with a step but continues with other steps until it is accomplished. Every success can be reduced to series of steps. You will never succeed in life if you take the first step but refuse to do the other things you ought to do to accomplish your set goals. However, a great deal of passion, efforts, perseverance, and endurance are needed between every beginning and the end.

The end is not necessarily determined from the beginning.

You must not start big before you can end big (or end well). The fact that you started small does not mean that you will fail. It also does not mean that you will continue small or end small. Besides, the fact that you started big is not a guarantee that you will succeed. It is also not a guarantee that you will continue big or end big.

You can start small but end big and succeed, or start big but end small, if not fail. The quality of your beginning does not necessarily determine the quality of your end. It is not the level at which you start that determines the level of your end. The most important thing is that you start something, even if it is small. You should start with what you have. There are numerous people who started (small) with what they have but are exceptionally successful today.

You can be a great success in the future only if you start with what you have today.

What do you have? What is in your hand? What do you have to yourself? It could be your education, your experience, your (meager) income, your money, your contacts, etc. Do not underrate them! Do you know that many people started with less than what you have but are exceptionally successful today? Do you also know that some people are praying to have what you have before they can start?

Do you know that you may never start if you do not start with what you have? Do you also know that if you consider what you have inadequate to start something today, you will still consider whatever thing you get in the future inadequate to start? In addition to guaranteeing easy takeoff, starting small also helps you learn gradually. It is easier to survive your mistakes if they occur at a small level. Start with what you have, no matter how small you think it is. The only big thing you need to start is passion.

Think big but start small and with what you have.